About MISNC 2018

MISNC is dedicated to exploring topics related to social networking, a dominant field of
modern communication involving multiple disciplines. The conference brings together
researchers and developers from industry and academia to discuss and conduct multidisciplinary
social networks research. MISNC provides great opportunities for participants to share, interact
and learn from each other and to inspire cross-field social networks research and potential
collaboration. It is an excellent opportunity for the academic community to become more
aware of subject areas critical to the social networking industry as practitioners bring their needs
to the table.

MISNC 2014 is the first edition of MISNC conference and was held in Kaohsiung City. MISNC 2015 in Matsuyama, Japan. MISNC 2016 at Kean University, New Jersey, MISNC 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand. On 2018, MISNC 2018 will be held in Saint-Etienne, France from July 16 to 17 of 2018.

Topics of Interest

Papers related to the conference theme will receive priority consideration, including theories,
methodologies, and emerging applications. We invite contributions on theory and practice, including but
not limited to the following technical areas.

  • Socionetwork strategies
  • Education and social networks
  • Intelligent informatics for social networks
  • Software engineering for social networks
  • Internet of things and cloud computing
  • Open Data
  • Modeling, prediction, simulation, and evaluation
  • Metrics, measurements, and analysis
  • Reliability, security, availability, and safety
  • Social network penetration and protection
  • Social network mining and data storage
  • Social networks for health care
  • Marketing and social networks
  • Social networks for communication
  • Social networks for collaboration
  • Human interaction in social networks
  • Mobile and smartphone applications
  • Information and knowledge management
  • Benchmark, tools, and empirical studies