MISNC 2018 will take place at University of Jean Monnet at Saint-Etienne

Check the venue in Google Maps,4.3922832,17.21z

Coming to France: Visa information

Foreign nationals generally need a visa to enter French territory. To verify if you are exempt from this requirement, please fill the wizard accessible through the link « Do you need a visa? » in the France’s official visa website:
The previous website will also guide you throw the preparation, submission and tracking of your visa application.
All additional information and needed documents could be found in the visa-related pages of the France diplomacy website:

How to get to Saint-Etienne?

By plane

Lyon Airport (LYS), Saint-Exupéry (25 km Est to Lyon, 70 km from Saint-Etienne).
The Rhônexpress tramway links the Lyon-Saint-Exupéry airport to the Lyon-Part-Dieu train station.
There are direct trains from Part-Dieu train station to Saint-Etienne.

Paris Airports (CDG – Charles de Gaulle / ORY – Orly) If you arrive to one of these two airports in Paris, you have two options:

  1. To take another flight to Lyon (LYS) ;
  2. To take a train to Saint-Etienne. There are some direct trains from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Lyon (3 times a day). Otherwise, from both airports you need to take the RER B (or the bus from Orly) to the train station “Paris-Gare de Lyon” and from there take a train to Lyon or directly to Saint-Etienne.

By train

The main train station in Saint-Etienne is called “Gare de Châteaucreux“.

  • There are direct trains from Paris “Gare de Lyon” to Saint-Etienne Châteaucreux (3 times a day).
  • There are direct trains from Lyon (“Lyon-Part-Dieu”) to Saint-Etienne Châteaucreux (twice per hour).
  • There are direct trains from Paris “Gare de Lyon” to “Lyon-Part-Dieu” (1 per hour).
  • There are direct trains from Bruxelles to Lyon (5 times a day).

By car

See: MISNC 2018 map